Any Build or source code of Fritzing that is done in Visual Studio?

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I am trying to look at the source code of Fritzing. I downloaded Qt 5 and still learning about Qt. But I am already familiar with Visual Studio. Is there any Build/source code of Fritzing that is done in Visual Studio? If not, can somebody tell me how to open and compile the source code in visual studio? Thanks

Also, is there any kind of detailed documents and flow charts that shows how Fritzing code works? Thanks

Have you read through the wiki?

The build guide looks to have instructions for building on Windows with Visual Studio. I am a Linux user so I can not be sure they are correct. I have only built from the command line.

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Not other than the source code (which mostly lacks comments) that I have found. If you find some please post the location, but I think the source and the dev wiki and the parts file format document are it.


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