Another pair of dc-dc converters from ebay

In my ongoing effort to buy one of every interesting module on ebay and produce Fritzing parts for them, here are two more (better, more power but more expensive) modules that will take a single voltage and give split supplies (in this case one does ±12V and the other does ±15V). Today I found and ordered a couple of new ones so there will be more yet. This pair are over $5 ea, whereas the first one is about $2 ea. For the extra money you get more current (100Ma against 30Ma for the first ones). All three views for both of these:

DC 3.3v-10v TO ± 12V Mini DC converter.fzpz (15.9 KB)

DC 3.3v-12v TO ± 15V Mini DC converter.fzpz (15.9 KB)

edit: to help with selection here is a screen shot of the bb view. It should provide a sense of the size of the module and help in selecting the correct one on ebay:


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My goodness are you watching Voltlog, Julian Ilett, and Andreas Spiess, because they always buy modules and show them to us.

Not so much that as I feel bad ordering one couple of buck item, so I tend to look and see what else they have in their store and usually end up finding things I have to have :slight_smile: . Sometimes I’m searching for things like these split converters (which are hard to find because of broad search terms, I haven’t found a term that will turn up only them and not the thousands of single voltage boost models) and come across other interesting things.


That’s what happens with those Youtubers. They look for one and then buy heaps, so their mail segments are full of buck, boost, etc reviews. They are Ebay shop-a-holics, and now so am I.

Well I guess mine will be full of new Fritzing parts and we will hopefully all benefit :slight_smile: