Another Fritzing user: me

Hello all,

I recently started to use fritzing as I was looking for a way to add documentation to my projects I uploaded at GITLab.

My projects are mostly Pi & Python projects, and I just recently started to use GITLab to store my code.
As I have the intenton to make the porjects public, I want to be complete as possible documentation wise

Including a fritzing sketch as part of the doucmention would work, but probably better would be to export the views from fritzing, and include the exported images in the documentation. The images can be various formats. I like to use SVG, but that sometimes does not work well. Some of the existing Fritzing parts have internal errors that look good on screen, but fail to export. The export itself works, but the part is not included.

Depending on what the projects are, and how the “public” might use them, the Fritzing sketch could also be part of the project.