Alternative to rectangles for copper fill blocker (digital/analog separation)

I want to separate analog and digital parts of my PCB, so I am using copper fill blockers, but it’s really tedious.

It would be nice to have a tool allowing one to draw a thin copper fill blocker the same way the wires are drawn in the PCB view.

Please see attached picture to understand the issue.

Can you make a line between 2 via’s? Then maybe minus the via’s after getting the line is where you want it?? I know a crude workaround. But it should work. I’m sure more UI options will come as the program progresses, we are still working out issues, as Fritzing is still in Beta. :ok_hand:

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Thanks for the trick. The only drawback arises when the line’s ends are too close to a connector: they get connected.

Sometimes, I can spend endless hours routing wires… Maybe you just need to rearrange some wires and placements. I’m sure you’ll get it. Best of luck, have a great day!!!