does not accept custom shaped board{Solved}


I want to produce a custom shaped PCB by (former fritzing.fab). I did this for createing the PCB:

frintzing can handle the custom shaped board.

But on uploading to, I get this error message:

I already added a “dimensions” layer to my svg. It has the same content as the “silkscreen” layer.

But the error message remains.

Can anybody help here?

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I figured it out: You need a sub-elelement named “boardoutline” in the board section:

g id=“board”>
<polygon id=“boardoutline” fill="#CFCFCF" points="0,0 8447,0 8447,3981 12919,3981 12919,12939 0,12939 "/>

It said that in the instructions…

You need the layer: “board” with the object “boardoutline”. this needs to be a single object.
Layer: “silkscreen” is the top of the board and the Layer: “silkscreen0” is the bottom, Silkscreens can have as many objects as you would like.

<g id="board">
    <path id="boardoutline"/>
<g id="silkscreen">
<g id="silkscreen0">

Hi, I see.

Btw: how do you post xml code in this forum? I did not get this working. :slight_smile:

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You can’t, for some reason the forum could never get .svg files to import. As a work around we generally use Dropbox, Google,, or some kind of cloud storage link…

Awesome that you found a solution!

Would you mind marking this thread as [SOLVED] so anyone with the same question will know that they can find an answer here right away?