AISLER fab uploading problems


I have been uploading several PCB projects in AISLER for production, but some of them throw an error message for the importing process. The PCBs which have more elements are not being uploaded. I have no idea what can be the problem, as these PCBs were already produced by the previous fab service.

I have also no idea how to contact the fab for direct support.

This is the error message, appearing above the progress uploading bar: “Import failed. AislerCam::EdaRunner::AppRunFailed”

They had some problems over the weekend that I reported to them. The service appeared to be working correctly for me yesterday.

The contact details are listed on their How To wiki:

Felix responded to me very quickly late on Saturday night and continue to conversation on Sunday. That’s very good service in my book!

Hi Adrianr,

Thanks for your response. I saw that the wiki had a “contact info” subtitle at the end of it, which I missed completely! I already sent an e-mail to Felix and I’m awaiting his response.

Nevertheless, I already followed all the instructions regarding the uploading of the Fritzing files to start the production of several PCBs, so I’m just curious of the reason the others don’t work. I just want to know if I have missed other info regarding the design rules, or if I need to put this other PCBs in production elsewhere as I have personal deadlines approaching…



HI @jerburi,

I think we have recently been in touch, and I have to admit we are still working on the issue. While we regularly try to monitor this forum, it is better to contact me directly via which you have already done :wink:

To make it easier for everyone to get in touch with us, we will try to figure out a way to integrate this forum label “fab” into our support systems, so that we can respond more quickly.

By the way: your order should be sent out to you next week.