Air hockey project


So I am making this project robotic air hockey, here you can see little demo:

As it is my master thesis, I need to have a proper documentation of electronic components.

Huge thanks to Peter (vanepp), who has helped me a lot to get most of my components I needed as a fzpz parts.

Here is my BB view:

air_hockey.fzz (260.5 KB)

I am still missing proper LED strip in my fritzing project. I used RGB strip, however, I am using white LED.

The one I use is here:

Would anybody be able to make it as a fzpz part please?

I am also asking for commenting my fritzing design (only BB view since I probably won´t need to export schematics).

Did I ruin anything? I am not an expert in electronics and drawing schemes.

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With the data sheet, here is a part:

white-led-strip.fzpz (13.1 KB)

The demo video looks pretty cool :slight_smile: !

No, breadboard looks fine! Good luck with your thesis!


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