After update 0.9.6 custom pcb will not generate contour gerber


this worked before update ?

can anyone check for me


not sure how to attach the downloadable version of this file ?

right click (context menu) save image works fine for what you did.

Version 0.9.6 introduced a bug where svg images that contain numbers in ‘engineering’ format will not export. That svg has path coordinates with “e” in them. Line breaks added for easier viewing

d="m 448.78676,94.942024 c -0.006,3.175937 -0.12431,5.757126 -0.11769,8.947076
 -9.3e-4,9.78325 -3.76837,20.78156 -17.71485,20.34425 -14.82371,0.65749 -17.71586,-10.56024 -17.71679,-20.34425 0.006,-3.1428 0.19061,-6.227435 -0.0804,-8.937495 L 60.049916,94.914495 c -6.19628,
-6.51e-4 -10.49218,4.741883 -10.49218,10.630855 l 0,480.79883 2.4414,0 c 1.07201,-0.32287 2.21308,-0.5 3.40039,-0.5 l 382.341804,0 c 0,0 14.92061,-1.11725 16.78516,4.46875 l 0.43945,18.38086 258.21098,0 c 6.1962,0 11.1855,-4.73993 11.1855,-10.62891 l 0,-492.51953 c 0,-5.888972 -4.9893,-10.6315 -11.1855,-10.630855 z"

changing "-9.3e-4" to "-.00093" (or just “0”, its small enough, and "-6.51e-4" to "-.000651e-4" (or 0) should fix the problem. I changed those to 0 in both the board outline and silkscreen. Which got a good contour with gerber export. Here is the fixed svg.


thank you. The Fritzing community rocks.

in fritzing 0.9.4 it generated the pdfs in the actual size of the board, now in 0.9.6 the pdfs do not come out to real scale and occupy the entire sheet.

Export to pdf? All exports? Specific views? Specific sketches?

Your best bet is to file a bug report on github here

with a copy of the .fzz file (or a simpler .fzz file to make reproduction easier) with screen shots as above of the current behaviour and screen shots from 0.9.4 which show the desired behaviour.


hi peter, it would be great a fritzing part of the new arduino nano rp2040 connect