Advice for a very beginner

I’ve started my first project with Fritzing :
[KY-019 5V Relay Module.fzpz|attachment]
[KY-012 Active Buzzer Module.fzpz|attachment]
MyProject.fzz (72.9 KB)

My goal is to design and order a PCB.

  • I need to add a part tracopower TMR2411 (datasheet between J1 and the rest of the circuit (i.e. my board will be powered by external 24V, TMR2411 will power the 5 parts with 5V). However I can’t find TMR2411’s fzpz on the web : which tool should I use to make this (hopefully simple) fzpz ? (I’m on ubuntu ; I don’t plan to design a lot of parts, I seek a simple solution)
  • I’ve put 3 holes in order to support the board with little plastic plots. Have I used the right part “Hole” for this ?
  • then I guess the next steps are to click “Autoroute” and “Fabricate” ?
    All advice most welcome. My only constraints are PCB max 84x108mm, all connectors on one side.
    Nice day !

I forgot to indicate an exotic part used in my project :
DTMF MT8870 Decoder_improved.fzpz (28.5 KB)

You might want to watch my user tutorials because there are somethings that could be better.

The first thing I would do is search this forum for the part, but with a more general name.
If I still couldn’t find it I would Goo image search for it and add Fritzing.
If you know vector graphics you could make it, but most don’t, so I would probably just put header pins on the PCB with the correct spacing.

Thanks for the tips.
I search the web for SIP8 SIL_8 fzp etc, with no success. Closest I found is RC522 rfid module, but too large for my use. Strange, must have missed something.
I tried the part editor and inkspace, indeed too complex, even trying to adapt from RC522’s part.
Finally, I put a DIL16 and connected only one side, hopefully locating it far enough from the other parts.

This should do what you need.

tmr2411.fzpz (4.5 KB)


Great ! Thanks a lot Peter !