Adjust Font Size in Metadata

I can hardly see the text in many parts of Fritzing. Is there some way that I can adjust the font size to a more readable format?
For example, look at the screenshot below for the Metadata of the HC12 module, most of it is illegible.

That is not how it is supposed to look. Which version of Fritzing and OS are you using? Also, the DPI of your screen and scaling settings of the OS might be important.

I came across an article about the two fonts that where used with Fritzing.
I downloaded the zip file and installed the fonts, restarted the App and it showed correctly.
I thought that resolved the issue, but when I restarted the app a few days later, it was back to unreadable. Playing around a bit more I found if I opened the app on my laptop screen, I had the problem. If I moved the app across to another screen I have connected to the laptop, it remained unreadable. But if I closed the app and restarted it on the external monitor, it came up mormally and I could read it. Moving it back to the laptop, i remained readable.
Very strange.
OS is Windows 10, Laptop screen resolution is 3840x2160 external monitor is 1920x1080.


not so much… take into account that you are mixing in the same computer two monitors with VERY different DPI: the bigger external monitor (full-hd) has less resolution than the smaller laptop itself screen (4k), making it even worse (I would say 3x or 4x difference at least).

the behaviour you describe seems logic: without checking the source code, it appears that fritzing (maybe QT directly) is checking the DPI during start up in the current monitor and adapting to it, and not readapting when moved into another monitor (I can’t recall of any other application that does this differently, it would be a UX/programming nightmare…).

such big a difference of DPI between the monitors would be a difficult scenario to handle for all involved parties, both OS and programs, as there is little middle ground.

what happens when you only have the laptop screen (no external monitor) connected?


@roboteach This is very likely how this is triggered.

It might be fixable, especially since the menu and the tabs seem to cope well. Probably it is specific to the way the styles are implemented in the parts editor, very obvious in the “Description” field. Other parts of Fritzing might be affected as well. The parts editor is being rewritten, so rewriting the UI implementation (which is about a decade old) is out of scope now.