Adding image on my PCB


When I select an image, it show like that :

Is there a specific format for the image ?

Thanks in advance.

SVG image. If you “must” use a bit map image, an SVG file can contain an embedded bitmap (jpg, png, more). The SVG file needs to have a header with real world dimensions (inches or mm), so that Fritzing can scale it to match the rest of the parts in the view.

Posting (uploading) the actual image file you are attempting to use could get more detailed information.

You can also try using a .png file and silkscreen image:


Then someone should report it on github as a bug (otherwise it won’t get fixed.) As I recall a png worked when last I tried it probably on 0.9.6 but I rarely do pcb images.


I succeed ! I make my svg starting from a svg from Fritzing librairie and it works !

It looks to me that only a silkscreen layerId svg works. I have tried the png files in past forum posts on all of 0.9.3b, 9.4 9.6 and 9.7 and they don’t render correctly (didn’t even try gerber output.) The Fritzing\fritzing-parts\svg\core\pcbsvg\Fritzing icon.svg however loads in the pcb image part just fine and renders in gerber output. Your best bet is to start from that file and add your image with a svg editor such as Inkscape.