Adding Board/Circuit Simulation in Fritzing

Fritizing is a great tool when it comes to designing a circuit or a pcb. There are so many parts/boards in fritzing library. I feel the only big feature missing is Board Emulator & Circuit Simulator. This will help building & testing easy to complex prototypes on fritzing before trying with actual boards. I wish and plan to make such a tool and integrate with fritzing platform.

Please share your thoughts on this. If someone is interested to collaborate and develop this feature, then let’s do it!

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I agree that there should at least be a way to export to a seperate simulation package for testing before you commit to a hard PCB.

There is already capability (if not general availability i.e. few parts have spice models) for adding a spice model to each part. You can then export the netlist to simulate in something like ltspice. I’d encourage you to jump in, grab the source and try and fix bugs / add features (I am!). Its the only way that Fritzing is going to move forward. It appears development is currently stalled due to lack of bodies doing work. As a start grab the parts you want to use and add a spice model to it, no development needed, just the work of understanding the format the spice model needs to be in in the fpz file and finding the spice model for the part, neither of which are necessarily trivial.


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Peter is correct… Not much more to say…

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