Adding 4PLCC LEDs


this question has been posted years earlier but I wanted to ask if there is any chance for adding 4plcc parts (power LEDs)?


People are tired of searching for stuff all the time so can you link the proper datasheet.


oh yes sure. I attached the pdf datasheet.

Yep with a data sheet a part is mostly trivial. Whether it will work successfully is another matter though. It is very tight (only around 16 thou between pads and I expect going to be hard to get someone to make and even harder to solder. However here is a part that should meet their requirements (note they indicate both cathodes should be connected although that isn’t done in the footprint)

HSM-A43 LED Indicator.fzpz (8.5 KB)

I also couldn’t find any indication of how you tell the orientation (and there isn’t much space for silkscreen info anyway). As check the footprint against a real part (although the size is going to make that exciting too!) before committing to a board. Good luck!

Hello and thanks alot for helping me :slight_smile: I tried the attached part it and the size looks good. There was just one mistake in it. The LED consists of 3 cathodes and one anode. I fixed that connection issue and made parts for several colors. If somebody needs it it can be downloaded here:!Aube6YLjeMCdo5QZXjRMleU19CBRzw

Its the first time I am working with the part editor so I´m not totally sure if all is correct. Btw is there a possibility to make one part which consists of several colors or do I have to make one part for one color?

Not quite correct, I bussed the two cathodes (which cause an internal conection) and what I thought were the two anodes so you need to change that to bus the three cathodes together. If you click on the middle cathode pin in schematic view you will find both it and the now single anode pin light up yellow (indicating an internal connection) which is incorrect. Instructions for doing this in parts editor are here:

(I tend to edit the fzp file directly which will also work as long as you know the file format).

Unfortunatly no, they need to be separate parts. With some file editing magic to convince the part it is part of core it is possible to make the different colors selectable from inspector though.


Are you sure of that? While the data sheet supplied has no schematic and seems to be the only one available, it appears from the text to indicate that the leds are single color not RGB. I misread the -sign on one of the cathodes as a + (as that made more sense to me for getting power in to the led), but I think the multiple cathodes are for heat dissipatation reasons not power and the leds are single color.


You are correct. I had looked at the data sheet when it was first posted the other day and then I saw your comment and thought I remembered it being RGB. But now that I look again I see you are correct. I will delete my comment to ensure I do not add confusion to the situation. Sorry for talking out of my ass.:blush:


ok I fixed the cathode connections so that all 3 cathodes belong together. Maybe it would be better to choose the svg of a normal LED for the schematic that this should actually work:!Aube6YLjeMCdo5QhijRgfJXam7BR8w

Whats actually not working is the breadboard view as I couldn´t make the right connections in the part editor.

Could you upload the fzpz to here please? I don’t have (and don’t want to create) a microsoft account which your current link wants. Upload is 7th icon from the left on the reply tool bar. I’m not sure why parts editor would have a problem with updating breadboard, but with the part I can look and see what needs to be done.

edit: I tried doing this in parts editor on the original of your part, and as usual for me and parts editor I can’t make it work. An alternative is to unzip the fzpz file (I use 7zip) and edit the fzp file with a text editor:


and at the bottom change:

   <bus id="cathode">
      <nodeMember connectorId="connector1"/>
      <nodeMember connectorId="connector2"/>
   <bus id="anode">
     <nodeMember connectorId="connector0"/>
     <nodeMember connectorId="connector3"/>


      <bus id="cathode">
        <nodeMember connectorId="connector1"/>
        <nodeMember connectorId="connector2"/>
        <nodeMember connectorId="connector3"/>

anode no longer needs a bus def because it isn’t a bus anymore. This is what parts editor would do if I could figure out how to tell it to do it. This works for all three views at once (as should parts editor but it doesn’t seem to).


Hi Peter,

oh that shoulnd´t be the case. Normally you don´t need an MS accound for getting the files. Anyway the archive is obsolete as I worked on the parts this morning and made updates.

  • added the standard LED pic for schematic view
  • created colored breadbord icons
  • fixed connections for breadboard view

I figured out how to make the connections in the breadboard view. I had to edit the layers of the svg graphics in Inkscape first. After that I could bind the cathodes and anode to the specific graphic parts. Sorry as a new user I can only place two parts per post

HSMA-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.6 KB)
HSMC-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.5 KB)

HSMJ-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.6 KB)
HSML-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.5 KB)

HSMM-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.5 KB)
HSMN-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.5 KB)

Greetings :slight_smile:

aaaaaah I really don´t get it. I tried one of the new parts now and the schematic view doesn´t work at all. This part editor is driving me crazy. Now I cant connect the cathode and anode at all. If I connect a wire it is making the connection in the middle of the part. I found out that there are Bus conenctions from the old schematic part left. I removed them but the problem still exists. Also the part wont be placed correctly on the grid like the normal LED part. Does anyone have a clue for this? How can this problem be fixed and what am I doing wrong?

You have 4 connectors, but only 2 pins in SCH - red box indicates pins are not assigned -.
Maybe draw 3 pins on one end and 1 on the other.

If you want it to snap to the grid, I think the bottom left corner is the reference. Resize the page so the bottom left is in the correct position.

There are a number of problems, but the main two are as Old_Grey indicated that schematic has only two pins and needs 4 (it also lacked terminalId defs so the pins would connect wrong). The pins don’t start at 0 (they start at 2) which is not desirable but not fatal. The old buses on 0 and one were still defined in the fpz. I cleaned up the fpz file (which makes no visible difference, its just neater) and added two more pins layered on top of the existing cathode pin and added the necessary terminal id rectangles in schematic (I personally don’t like the overlayed pins but other parts use them this way). At the end of all that I did edit->select all and then file->document properties-.resize page to content in Inkscape which causes it to properly align to the grid to produce this corrected file:

HSMA-A431-XXXXX_fixed.fzpz (11.8 KB)

which should show you what you need to do. Basically if you have 4 pins in breadboard, you need the same 4 pins in schematic and pcb as well, the lack of the 2 cathodes in schematic is what was causing the red and not working (at which point the lack of terminalId would have bit you on alignment to the end of the pins if you had all 4 present).


@vanepp Sorry I was busy the last days but now I found the time to look at the fixed part.

I made actual versions of the coloured parts and now they work. Thanks a lot for the help here from all :slight_smile:

HSMA-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.8 KB)
HSMC-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.8 KB)
HSMJ-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.7 KB)
HSMN-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.7 KB)
HSML-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.7 KB)
HSMM-A431-XXXXX.fzpz (10.7 KB)

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Yep that looks to have got it!


I replaced the the uploaded parts with actual ones. I found a wrong connection in the PCB and fixed it.