Add GND to breadboard column

I have built my first schematic in Fritzing. Many of the connections terminate at GND.
In Breadboard view, I want to set the columns on either side of the many rows as as +V, -V and GND.

Does Fritzing understand that I can make many common connections to a breadboard column? If so, what is the neatest way to achieve this, so that components going to ground only connect to that column, and not to each other?

When I make a GND connection from a component to a column, to make that column represent GND, the component I’ve connected also connects a wire to another component which has a connection to GND. I want the components to connect to the column, but not to each other.

I hope it makes sense - thanks!

Hmm - I think ‘Delete wire up to bendpoints’ is achieving this for me. Looks like the internal breadboard connections are being recognised.

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Unfortunately not a lot of sense :slight_smile: , it would be much better to upload the sketch (the .fzz file, upload is the 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) so we can see what you are doing. Delete wire to bendpoint is likely to cause disconnections as it is meant to allow rerouting of wires, but without an image of what you are trying to do I can’t tell. If you click on a connection in any view it will light up in yellow all pins that share that connection.


It seems to be working OK. Stating it more simply, when I drew a wire from a component to the breadboard column designated as GND, the wire would extend to other components with GND connections which hadn’t been routed yet.
Solved by removing the part of the wire not required, using ‘delete wire up to bendpoints’ and making an explicit connection from the other unrouted component to the GND column.

Can you post the .fzz file with the incorrect connection, and then one when you have corrected it please? Fritzing shouldn’t be making multiple connections, just one and doing a delete to the bend point should disconnect the connection. I’m having trouble visualizing what is happening here. You can post the sketch (the .fzz file) via the 7th icon from the left in the reply menu.