Add a hole to PCB / Loch in Leiterplatte


i have a maybe stupid question but also after search a couple of hours i didnt find an answer.
I just want to connect the top PCB layer with the bottom layer using a “soldered hole”. But i am not able to find a part / option giving me this possibility, can anybody say to me how it is possible?

Thank and greetings


ich habe eine evtl. dumme Frage aber ich habe jetzt schon ewig erfolglos versucht eine Lösung zu finden.
Ich möchte lediglich eine Verbindung zwischen der ober und unterseite der leiterplatte herstellen indem ich ein entsprechendes Loch in die Leiterplatte einfüge. wo kann ich eine entspreched funktion / “Bauteil” dafür finden?

Viele Grüße und vielen Dank für Tipps

What you are looking for is the “Via” under PCV View in the Core Parts. Drag the Via on to the board; right click on the Via, at the bottom of the Dialog Box, click “Set Ground Fill Seed”. Have both layers set to Clickable in the bottom tool bar; in the menu, click Routing, click on Ground Fill, then click Ground Fill (top and bottom). If it displays (top) or (bottom) by it self, that is because only that layer is set to clickable.

You can also connect any through hole to top and bottom ground planes by the same process (Set Ground Fill Seed), for connecting the ground pins to the ground planes. Solder pad can also be connected to the ground plane by clicking the “Set Ground Fill Seed”.