Add a battery to an esp8266

Hello everyone, I hope you are well, I would like to add a battery on my project, I would like to know if anyone has already managed to power an esp8266 without the cable
here is the shema

here is the project

Not enough information here to do much. It should be possible to power the ESP from a battery, but we would need to know which ESP32 model you are using to determine its power requirements (it doesn’t look like one of the boards with a built in battery interface though it may have, a model number would be useful), and what kind and voltage of battery you want to use (i.e. 12V gel cell or car battery, 18650 type or other LIPO) and whether you want an integral charger for the battery. You need to size the battery by the amount of time you want the device to run off the battery (which will determine the amp/he requirement of the battery.) You may be best to change to an ESP board with built in battery support (there are Fritzing parts for several of them.)


Do not take what I say as being 100% fact, I could be very wrong.

As stated:

But the ESP8266 in your photo looks just like the ones I just bought here. On the backside of the boards, the silkscreen has the HiLetgo logo and some information. The last line of info reads - “Vin +5V Recommended +10V MAX”

You can power it through that pin at 5-10 volts. You are currently using that as a 5v power source to the MQ135 sensor. This works because the Vin pin is connected to the USB port, so it has power from the USB. The Vin pin is also connected to a voltage regulator that runs the board and gives you the 3.3v outputs. So if you power that pin at 5-10 volts, it powers everything. The USB port is diode protected and can’t be powered (or backfed) from the Vin pin.

I’ve used the ESP32 a lot more and have always powered them through the Vin pin in my circuits, but I’m just now starting to use the ESP8266.

One other note… all the PCB traces to the DHT22 sensor look really thin, you might want to make those thicker…

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So then you are down to what battery you need. If you use a 12V battery, I would suggest a buck converter regulated power supply to reduce 12V to 7 or 8V. If you use a 18650 LIPO (3.7-4.2V) you likely need a boost converter regulated power supply to boost the 3.7-4.2V to 5V or 6V for Vin. You still need to arrange to charge the battery.