Adc ads1015 & ads1115

I made ADC1015 & ADS1115 parts for Fritzing. There is a one issue- schematic view have problem with font. Although I had install Droid Sans, in Inscape everything is OK, but in Fritzing no. If You know how to fix it, please let me know. <a class=“attachment”

ADS1015.fzpz (12.2 KB)

ADS1115.fzpz (12.0 KB)

You have to go in to the XML of the svg and remove the 2 “px”'s after the font size value.

To be a little more specific, you need to edit the svg file with a text editor after saving it with Inkscape (because Inkscape re adds the px every time it saves) and remove the px from the font size. I usually just do a global replace of px with nothing, but you need to check that you don’t have a px in something you want (such as a label).

Edit: as well, it would be good to change the label field in the metadata (or in the fpz file which would likely be easier at this point) to something like ADC (to indicate what it is rather than Part as at present). Otherwise looks good.