AdaFruit parts won't load on fritzing - ubuntu

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie with fritzing, and for a project I wanted to load AdaFruit parts.
After following the tutorial from the site, I still cannot figure out why the parts doesn’t load.
i started to see the AdaFruit.fzb file and I saw that the part where in another directory.
I changed the path (and left only one part to see if it changed) to where they are located but still got an error.

        <instance moduleIdRef="32fdbe406bce255cc83a50cf6c7d510c" modelIndex="85410957" path="~/Downloads/Fritzing-Library-master/AdaFruit/LPD8806_RGB_LED_Strip__7b29141e9419bc110d2a0e626e69e718.fzp">


In Fritzing doing a File->open on the fzb file should load the entire bin (all the adafruit parts) in to Fritzing in a new bin accessable in the parts window on the right top. If you only want a single part you can download the fzpz file from the adafruit repository on github and load that via File->load (it will appear in the mine parts bin in that case.)


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