Adafruit Metro Mini part download pls?

Project: adding motor to drive ADDI EXPRESS circular knitting machine.

Using Adafruit Metro Mini due to onboard size limitations.
Has anyone created this part? I can’t readily find it, and don’t currently have the time (or expertise!) to create it…

Newbie I’m afraid… though project is going well!

A google search for “fritzing part Adafruit Metro Mini” as expected turns up this part:

adafruit maintains their own Fritzing parts repository on github.


Hey, thank you so much for the quick response Peter!
I now have Metro Mini on my breadboard - brilliant!
I had seen that on Git Hub but I do struggle to find my way round on there - embarrassed to say I was looking for a graphic.
I’m old lol… I only just worked out earlier how to change resisitor codes…
I have a lot to learn.
Thanks again,

You can sometimes find parts in the images part of a google search, but the usual successful search for me is the form “fritzing part part_name” one. I’m old as well and github commits usually give me trouble. I haven’t yet figured out how to keep my local Fritzing parts repository in sync with the master version.