Adafruit L239D Motor Driver Shield for Arduino

PCB design:
l239d.fzz (21.6 KB)

While it is unclear to me what (if anything) you are asking, you need to wire the connections in breadboard or schematic (whichever makes the most sense to you) before the connections will appear as rats nest lines in the other views.


So, do you mean that I need to do the connections in the schematic?

And I really don’t know how to wire, just doing Arduino vids and needed this part so I just created it.

Either that or on the breadboard (or for that matter on pcb if that is easiest.) Making a connection in any view will reflect as as a rats nest line in the other two views like this:

It is possible (but unwise as autorouting doesn’t work all that well) to autoroute the connections in pcb once the connections are made in one of the other views.


then you need to figure that out by either finding or creating a schematic. Fritzing isn’t magic, it needs to know what connections you want before it can do anything. It is up to you to figure out what connections are needed. You may be best to find a prebuilt motor shield such as this

there may be a Fritzing part for this in the Adafruit Fritzing repository. You can then attach that to the arduino without trying to build the hardware.


As I said, I do not know where the wires go :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Thank you for the explanation, will try to fix it.

If you’re working with a breadboard, you would physically connect components and wires on the breadboard itself. The “rats nest lines” typically refer to the straight, unorganized connections between components before you have properly arranged and connected them. This stage is where you plan the layout and connections before making them neat and organized. If you’re working with a schematic, you’d use a software tool to draw the circuit diagram. The “rats nest lines” in this context usually represent the connections that you’ve specified but haven’t yet organized. Once you arrange and connect the components properly, the lines should straighten out and become more ordered.