AC motor 3 phase and motor driver is for thiss

Hello! Could you draw the AC motor in the Fritzing application based on the photos I provided? This motor is the AC motor of a 3-phase frequency-controlled circulation pump. It is a 220 Volt, 180 Watt synchronous motor.

Additionally, could you please draw a motor driver board for this motor as well? :slight_smile:
( STEVAL-IPMNG3S - STGIPNS3H60T-H SLLIMM-nano SMD IPM™ MOSFET tabanlı 300 W motor kontrol güç kartı - STMicroelectronics)


To make the motor we would need a data sheet with mechanical dimensions and connection information (photos aren’t overly useful.) The motor driver has a data sheet and should be doable.


  1. for motor driver

  2. for motor driver (

  3. i’m sorry. this is real motor

and the dimensions of the engine are here ( all in mm, R1½ = half a finger)

The motor has no connection information and a google search for “motor 3 phase sensec 25/6 180 inv” doesn’t turn up any data.



Sure, can you draw the motor driver board? I’ve shared the datasheet link. (

These two parts should do what you want.

STEVAL-IPMnG3S.fzpz (669.5 KB)


change the position of the connectors.

sensec-256-motor.fzpz (3.4 KB)


Thank you very much Peter

Hi Peter. As seen in the photo, could you place the pins in the blue sections?

Done. The original part has been replaced with an updated one. You will need to delete the current part and close Fritzing (to complete removing it) before you will be able to load the new part.