About the practical application of ATTINY85 micro single chip

I bought the integrated ATTINY85 micro-USB interface module online. What I want to implement is that it controls the three solenoid valves according to the photosensitive sensor (output high and low density) and the water level sensor (high and low density). But the problem now is that after I burned the program, the p0 port is outputting power after the power is turned on, not the I/O port. As a result, the p3, 4, and 5 serial ports have no high or low-level changes.

That suggests that your program is likely incorrect. While I’m not familiar with the ATTINY85, most micros have a configuration register which sets the I/O port to input or output, and it sounds like you have not correctly configured the p3/p4/p5 ports. A forum on ATTINY85 programming is probably a better bet for help with this than here though.


Thank you for your advice. I will retry it again with your suggestion. :smiley: