A problem about HC-SR501 Body Sensor Module

I download the HC-SR501 Body Sensor Module.fzpz from the forum, but there is a problem about it:
I create the sketch which the HC-SR501 included.
Then I want to export the sketch as .svg file.
After the export finished, I get a .svg file, but the HC-SR501 disappeared:

What’s wrong? Can anyone help me?
Best regards.

P.S. my fritzing is Fritzing- and the HC-SR501 is loaded.
HC-SR501 Body Sensor Module.fzpz (8.7 KB)

When exporting the sketch as a .svg file, the HC-SR501 in the sketch disappeared.

The part is pretty much entirely broken. The no export as image is due to no layerIds in the svgs, breadboard is in px and thus may be not the correct scale, and schematic and pcb are for a completely different part. Below is a corrected part that should do what you want. It has the proper layerIds and thus should export as an image and has a proper schematic and pcb view.

HC-SR501-Body-Sensor-Module-fixed.fzpz (5.2 KB)


Thanks a lot. :+1: :+1: :+1: