A newbie question about grounding

I was translating a schematic I saw for a power supply for synth modules to a stripboard and I’ve come across some questions to optimize the space such like: Does the order in wich I ground things matter at all? I tried to replicate what I’ve seen and it fits but if I can save some space I’ll have enough stripboard left for other projects hehe.

This is what I’m trying (the video is veary detailed, therefore I guess my question is quite basic): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQKN30Mzi2g

Thanks and have a nice day!

Not really, what is important is that each pin has a single ground. Problems can occur if you have connections to ground from 2 places to the same pin.

The example on the left is correct, the right because of the wire circled in red between the two capacitors is incorrect because there are two paths to the same pin which can cause problems. If you delete the bottom wire in the incorrect version, then it would be correct as there is a single path from the regulator ground to each capacitor.


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