90º Pin Header varying pin count

Just generally, how do you make a simple part, like a 90º M/F pin header, with varying pin count?

Do you have to make every part variant and the properties call them up, or is there some internal Fritzing thing that does it automatically.

Just wondering if I have to make 120 part drawings for a 40 pin header, 240 for M/F…

I open the Generic female header with Edit Part, go to PCB view, and select File/Load image for view.
The file that opens is one called -


When you open different pin count headers, the number in the middle displays the pin count drawing, eg "1"is 1 pin header, "15"is 15 pin header.

I can’t find this nsjumper file to see if it’s a one pin drawing that is assembled in Fritzing to match the pin count required, or that there is 64 separate drawing to reflect the 64 pin options.

I think the Generic female header in Core parts is an individual 1 pin drawing that gets assembled internally in the program based on the selection in Inspector, so parts can’t be made this way.

If anyone wants my 90º right angle PCB view header with 40 pins here it is.


You can cut them up or extend them in Inksacpe for other pin counts.