74HC165 : Created a simple part, but it's giving me errors

Hi, I’ve tried making my own part, using the 74HC595 as a base, and editing the parts list and such, but, it’s giving me errors in DRC when I use it!

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

prefix_74HC165_0001_e27150d9c866f7e7758f7349ad6eaf76_1.fzp (9.6 KB)

What are the error messages? Each message has a reason behind it. We can not run a full FRC with what you posted. That is only the definition file. FRC uses that along with the svg files. Many of the checks are matching up information between the fzp and svg files. Running FRC against that file (only) complains about not finding the svg files.


The errors are that the wires overlap.

I tried adding the .svg files, but it told me each one that the size couldn’t be determined, and wouldn’t add them. (They open fine though)

Wires overlapping is due to the copper/wire graphics in the part being too close to either other copper in the same part, or too close to other copper in the sketch.

My previous post was inaccurate. I was “thinking” FritzingPartCheck, not Design Rules Check, because what was posted is a part (definition) file. To see what is wrong, the sketch (.fzz) is needed. If the only thing in the sketch is the single part, then instead of the fzz, you could post the full part (fzpz). That will avoid issues with the forum deciding that the svg files are too small (effectively what not being able to determine size means). An fzpz file is just a zip file containing the fzp and svg files.

EDIT: The fzpz file is enough ONLY if DRC complains when run after placing the part, and before adding traces. If there are traces, the fzz file is needed to see what is being complained about.

EDIT2: One thing that I have seen Fritzing 0.9.4 DRC complain about, is a part with oval pads, when the pads are not created ‘just’ right. What happens is that the circle for hole does not get matched to the path for the expanded pad, so DRC ends up complaining that the pad (only the circle as far as DRC is concerned) overlaps with the copper in the path element. At least somewhat fixed in my 0.9.5 dev version which has not been merged yet.

Ah, ok thanks.

74HC165.fzpz (7.9 KB)


I’m using 0.9.5, if that makes any difference!

I’m not really sure what I’m doing here, but, I decided I’d give it a stab!
I want to make a joystick controller, and decided to use 2x 74HC165 for player 2 :slight_smile:

0.9.5 is the development only version. Even if you are using that, you would not have my patch, unless you manually included what is in the pull request. 0.9.4 is the latest production/stable version.

I ran that part through FritzingCheckPart, which complained about few things, but nothing that should affect design rules check. Just silkscreen color, and units on font sizes. When I open and place that part in version 0.9.4, I get no complaints from DRC for the bare part, or for a few simple traces. If you get errors for the simple cases, I will say it is something to do with the 0.9.5 you are using, which is totally not supported. Though bug reports are useful in the fritzing-app repository. That would need very specific details about what the build was based on, since there is no such things as a 0.9.5 “release”.

If you are actually using 0.9.4, then a copy of the sketch document that is actually failing is needed to see the errors. NORMALLY DRC highlights (in red) exactly where the overlap is, when clicking on one of the messages.

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