7 Segment LED Display 6 Digits

Hello Guys!
I want build a PCB with a 7-Segment 6 Digit Display.
Can anyone tell me where i found a symbol or part of this there?

The parts bin has both single digit and 4 digit (multiplexed) 7 segment LED displays in it (use parts search to search for display). I know there are 2 digit and 3 digit multiplexed 7 segments available but there don’t appear to be Fritzing parts for them (at least in core, a google search and a look at projects may turn something up). If you aren’t cost sensitive and want something cool have a look at these rgb 2 digit displays from Sparkfun:

First multicolor seven segments that I have seem. Have to buy me some of them to play with :slight_smile: (digikey has them as well).