7-Lead TO-220 for OPA548

Hi everybody!

As I was running into the need of using a high voltage, high current amplifier for a temperature controller, I thought it would be nice to make the circuit in fritzing :-). As I didn’t found any part remotely related to this, I made the little extra effort to make the part I’m using: OPA548 from Texas Instruments.

I made the breadboard, schematic and PCB version of the part. Go for it!

OPA548.fzpz (15.7 KB)

There are a couple of a technical errors, which aren’t important, but the glaring one is that there is no copper0 (bottom copper) to make it suitable for single and double sided PCBs.

Just make a copper0 group in the PCB svg and put your copper1 in it.

You can download Gerbv and actually see faults.

Other things -
The square contact has to be lowered so that the contact rings, like on the circle, can be seen.
It’s something like 8.75 from back of TO 220 and centre of furthest contact hole.
Lots of empty objects that do nothing in the XML file
When you set the contacts graphic, select N,S,E,W so that traces snap to the end of the pin.
We usually group everything together and name the group "schematic"
We usually group everything together and name the group “breadboard”

Sorry about that, but it was a good 1st attempt considering it’s pretty hard to make part for FZ.

Thanks for the feedback. I fixed the errors mentioned by Old_Grey. Here is the second, improved version of the part!

OPA548(Rev2).fzpz (15.2 KB)