6xAA Battery (9V) Part

6xAA Battery
With Usual Schematic (download this if you are searching for normal representation for 6xAA):
6xAABatteryUsSc.fzpz (15.4 KB)

With Unusual Schematic (see differences at the end of the post):
6xAABatteryUnSc.fzpz (16 KB)

Note that the files are differenced by “UsSc” and “UnSc”, meaning respectively “Usual Schematic” and “Unusual Schematic”.

Differences: By Usual Schematic I refer to the schematic that is usually used for the schematic representation of batteries. By Unusual Schematic I refer to a representation of the 6 AA batteries in series that I have made specially using my criteria and my requisites. In addition, you may find some differences in the xml code as I have changed some id’s. (I as well share this second file if someone maybe need it.)

If you download both of the files, you can change the schematic representation in the label part between the usual or unusual.