6V mini pwm solar controller

Hope you like it.6v Solar Charge Controller.fzpz (15.9 KB)

I did a few quick tests with the part. The FritzingCheckPart script has a few complaints about it, mostly cosmetic. Overall, a good part.

The latest convention is for silkscreen graphics to be all black. The part has mostly white. Some of the silkscreen graphics is not either white or black (#252F32). Supposedly that is not valid, though the part looks good in the pcb view. I do not know what the gerber export, or a production house will do with it though. I suggest redoing the silkscreen to be all a single color (black).

The recommendation is to have the silkscreen above (before in the svg file) the copper content. To make selection of the connection points easier.

The pcb graphics seems to be at an odd scale. just over 108100 px per inch. more common would be “mils” (1000 px/in). It works, but is unexpected.

The schematic graphics seems to fit the standard 0.1 grid. The Fritzing documentation says the connector lines should be 0.1 inch long, instead of the 0.2in used. A lot of existing parts use 0.2 inch, so I expect this was based on an existing part. Again the scaling is odd. A bit over 6681100 px/in. No width is specified in the svg, only the height.

Some Inkscape specific font specifications are in the breadboard view svg. Fritzing will ignore them, using the standard font information also included on the elements. The Inkscape references are for “Ubuntu Condensed”, which would not be valid anyway.

The breadboard svg is missing the breadboard id (layerId), which should be on the first (and outer) graphic element in the file. Fritzing seems to be handling it, but that is not correct.

The connector pins in the breadboard view were created with graphical ellipse elements. Normally that should be circles or rectangles.

The fzp definition file shows terminalId values for the breadboardview connectors, but they do not exist in the svg file. The terminalId elements only exist in the schematic view. The terminalId references should be remove from the breadboard view entries.