6v lead acid battery 12ah

Hope you like it.

6v battery.fzpz (7.2 KB)

The definition file show package as being "battery " (with a space at the end)

The family is set to “6V battery mini”. To allow easy switching (using the part inspector), perhaps a family of simply “battery” would be better, with an extra voltage property for 6V. The package could be “battery mini” instead. I think that package should be “sla”. At least from the graphics, I think that is sealed lead acid. Maybe a “technology” property would be a better place to specify that. To go with that, the title could be changed to something like “6B SLA Battery”, and extra tag(s) added for “sla” and/or “sealed lead acid”.

Where does that “YTH2448-mini” variant come from? A web search for that comes up with a 12V battery for a YTH2448 lawn tractor.

The breadboard id is missing from the svg file for this part as well.

Can I Also Submit My Parts?
If Yes, Then They Will Not Have A PCB View Is That OK?

Submitting parts is what this area of the forum is all about. Just include that note about the content with each submission, so that potential user of the parts know what to expect.

If by submit your parts you mean get them added to core parts in Fritzing, then you need to make a pull request on github. It used to be that parts posted here would be moved to the github repo, but that hasn’t been happening for some years now and a pull request on github is the only way. Usually core parts need a pcb view except in cases where pcb makes no sense (which is fairly rare, usually parts that are standalone and won’t fit on a pcb.)