5v regulator circuit for hand-crank generator

i am trying to do a hand-crank generator that produces a stable 5v to charge a phone. The voltage that my motor produces varies around 0-14v. What is the best regulator circuit to do for this, im a beginner so sorry. thanks for the help btw

I don’t know if it is the best regulator, but you can use LM2596.
This component is present into Fritzing database and is simple to use.
But it will work only when input voltage is higher than 6-7V.

Else, you can use something like LM3478 with SEPIC converter (check its datasheet fig.34 for implementation example). This has the advantage of working with input voltage lower or higher than output voltage, but it is a bit more complex to use, and not present into Fritzing database.

Here is a regulators that I like… the MCP16331 in an SOT-23 package from Microchip.

You can also look through this power solution guide for Microchip.

TI has a Webench Designer for selecting power management converters. This is really pretty cool… it will give you the schematic, BOM… and send it right to DigiKey. You can also get the schematic and BOM for the Microchip controllers.