5630 / 5730 smd led

Something like: https://lighthouseleds.com/5630-5730-smd-cool-clear-white-ultra-bright-led.html

New to the platform - would I need to create a custom part or is there some kind of generic that would work for this?

Welcome to the forum. … That would depend on how you are going to use the part. The existing library has white LEDs (at 4500K 6500K and 8000K) in 0603 0805 and 1206 SMD packages. Will those work for your use case? You can also use custom size and position for pcb pads, without having them associated with a specific part. If all you need is a different footprint, that should be easy to create from the existing parts. As long as you have the physical dimensions needed.

@microMerlin - correct, I’m just trying to get the correct footprint to create the pcb layout. So it sounds like I can either set a custom footprint to a generic part or create a custom part variation on the available part? I’ll try to dig around for instruction around these approaches.

I found are datasheet reference at https://www.cree.com/led-components/media/documents/data-sheet-JSeries-5630.pdf
Page 27 has the recommended dimensions for the solder pads. With that, and one of the old white SMD leds, I created a new part.

smd5630_white_led.fzpz (3.7 KB)

Took longer than expected because I also played around tweaking the breadboard and schematic views.

Keywords: LED SMD 5630

wow - thanks for the help!