555 astable pcb (first project idea)

I just built my own CNC router. I found an Instructable which showed how to create your own PCB on a CNC router, which excited me since now I had a purpose for my new toy. The author suggested using Fritzing to design the PCB. Since I had built several breadboard projects using a 555 chip, I thought this would be a great first Fritzing project. I followed his instructions, but I could never come up with a single layer design which would work. The nature of the 555 chip has pin 2 going to 6 and the positive voltage coming into different sides of the chip. This creates crossed traces. Is there something simple I am not understanding about designing a layout.

On a slightly different note, every time i try to use “Autoroute” Fritzing crashes and exits. I am using a Beta version 0.9.3 on Linux Ubuntu.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


To cross traces on a single sided board you need to use a jumper like this (you need to provide the wire shown between the pads on the pcb!)

In general autorouting does a poor job (on the professional tools as well) and most people don’t use it. The Fritzing one has been upgraded in the current release which is 0.9.6 which you can either build from source or download a compiled version for an 8 euro donation (having built from source, I’d choose the donation :slight_smile: )


Thanks for the tips.