50M (164ft) Long Run rgb LED Strip. Power

Hello there,

I am building an rgb LED 160*10 Array using:

A - 50M (164ft) Addressable WS2801 RGB 5V LED Strip 160 - 9W/M = 45W/5M - 1.8Amp/M - 9Amp/5M
B - 8 Gauge wire
C - 300W / 5v / 60amp Power supply.

My current display layout & connection is attached in the diagram picture below. Figure Connection 1

I also attached my plan on the upgrade to overcome the power loss by connecting two 300W-5V-60amp Power Supplies. to both ends. Figure Connection2

The question is:

Is my second connection in shown in figure Connection 2 correct?

If not, then how can i fix the connection in order to overcome the power loss by powering the entire 50M (164 chain) with 2 power supplies to both ends?

Do i leave the 10th strip end marked with 10A hanging without any connection?

Do i need to use any RGB amplifiers?

Please help me fix this problem or give me any suggestions.

Thank you for your help.