5 pin XLR not found

Hi all
New here at the forum, using fritzing for some while.
Now I’ was looking in to the new part editor but i can’t figure it out.
I’m looking for an XLR 5 pin pcb mount connector (neutrik NC5FAV https://www.neutrik.com/media/8324/download/nc5fav-3.pdf?v=1)

is there anyone who can help me make this piece

kind regards


This should do the job. Note you need to print out the pcb footprint and compare it to a real part before ordering boards as it was done from the datasheet without a part. Also if you want the mounting holes drilled you need to drag a hole (from core parts pcb) over the mounting holes in silkscreen and set the diameter to 3.2mm. Also I assumed the 6th pin is the shield, as it shows on the pcb layout but is otherwise undocumented in the data sheet.

XLR 5-pin-pcb-mount.fzpz (38.3 KB)