4017IC Traces on bottom not working

I Seem to have a problem in Fritzing with My 4017 IC When I place the 4017 Ic On the Design And run traces to the IC . The program will not allow me to Place the trace on the bottom ,Does anyone know why the program is acting this way ? Note :
( This Only affects the traces that are directly connected to the 4017 All the other part work as they should )

Run the trace and select it, and in Inspector select bottom.

Upload the fzz file for your sketch (7th button from the left). It is possible that the part you used for the 4017 is incorrect and has only one layer. The part will be included in the temp bin of the sketch and one of us will have a look.


I don’t have much luck with FZZ files Nor can I open them when you do corrections So
instead I will send this Screenshot Perhaps you will then

Understand What I am Talking about

You will have to upload the ,fzz here.

Find the .fzz file, and select the 7th button in reply and browse to the file and select it.

I suspect the problem here is the 4017 part you used is incorrect and doesn’t have the bottom layer. To verify that I need to look at the fzpz file for the part, (i.e. it thinks it is an SMD part with only one layer). To check that I need either the fzpz file for the part or the fzz file of your sketch which will contain the fzpz file of the 4017 part. Its hard to tell what is going on from just screen shots.


I couldn’t find a 4017, but the SMD idea with only a top layer makes sense.

There are several in a search, I just don’t know which one he used.


I’m getting zero with 4017, maybe because Win update is broken.

EDIT - It must be a faulty THT part with no bottom layer - my 1st mistake when I made my 1st part years ago -.

There doesn’t look to be one in core, I did a google search which
finds several.


as well I find that I made one a while back. The 4017 part in here

works correctly on both sides of the board for me.


Never mind Guys I think it was a program glitch I uninstalled Fritz
ing And then Reinstalled it and everything is work properly now …