4 x Relay Board Part Request

I noticed someone started on a 4x relay board however I’ve had trouble exporting the part. http://fritzing.org/projects/smd-4-x-relay-board

I’m quite new here so any help would be appreciated.

It doesn’t appear to be a part but rather a sketch (and not complete except for pcb at that). If you download the SMD_Relay_Board.fzz file and open it in fritzing you will get an incomplete breadboard and schematic view and an apparantly complete pcb view (pcb view may be all the author needed). You can export the gerbers and have a board made as it stands. If you need breadboard or schematic you would need to place and route them following the rats nest lines created from pcb view to complete the other 2 views if you need them. There don’t appear to be any custom parts in it (as there is no temp parts bin when I load it) so all the parts are available in the core parts bin. Which part are you interested in exporting?


I’m mostly just interested in exporting it to the breadboard. I was thinking about superimposing a jpeg image of a 4 relay module onto a sketch but I failed to do so. For me the most aspect is to visually represent the relay board onto my breadboard screen without having to resort to detailed work.

Unfortunatly some detailed work is required, as the author doesn’t seem to have cared about breadboard or schematic and thus didn’t route them. To get breadboard up to snuff you will need to move the parts (the relays for instance are currently all on top of each other) in to the position they are on pcb and then use the rats nest lines to make and route connections to the various pins. Note because this is a sketch not a part, the board won’t show up in breadboard. To end up with something in breadboard that looks like the pcb you would need to edit the breadboard svg file to add a representation of the underlying board which is more complex yet. If you have a jpeg or similar image of a relay board you want to use it is possible (but fairly complex) to import the jpeg in to an svg via an editor like Inkscape and then add the necessary connector pins (which means being able to edit the fpz file to create the appropriate connections) and create it as a part for fritzing. It sounds to me like this is what you want a fritzing part the matches a relay board that you have. If you can post an image of the board you want I’ll have a look at it and see if it is easy (in which case I may do it as it is fairly simple for me knowing what to do). If you haven’t already done so a google search for “fritzing part relay board” (where relay board is as much of a model number for what you have as you can find) may turn up a part someone has made.


Just think of it as Tetris, i.e. shuffling parts until they click together. :slight_smile:

I’ve been moving 150 parts around for 5 days, so it’s gotta be easier than mine.