4 x 5V to 3.3V logic level converter

This logic level converter comes with 2 x 6 pin DIY terminal strips to solder. The are pointing downwards and invisible when used on a breadboard. So I have made the part with terminals only. I can change that, if it is the best way.
Logic Level Converter.fzpz (9.2 KB)

This one looks pretty good, but could use pin labels in schematic so we know what the various connections do.


I have them on the newest version. If you se my comments about variant numbers for ESP8266-05, you have the explantion for it. I must be more careful about noticing variant numbers :o)
Logic Level Converter.fzpz (10.1 KB)

This is a case where it was easier to fix the problem and then tell you what I did. Schematic here is the main problem (although there are others as well):


group id g7 to id schematic to set the correct layer name

Adjust the alignment of the pins to be on a .1 inch grid and reduce the font size to 3.5 to fit the characters correctly (few words for quite a few changes :slight_smile: ).


group id g7 to id breadboard to set the correct layer name. The only problem I know that this causes is that the part won’t export as an svg without the correct layer names. Last edited all 4 svg files to remove the px from font-sizes that Inkscape adds (you may not need to do this if you don’t use Inkscape) . The problem this causes is after editing the part in parts editor it will set the font size to 0 and your text becomes unreadable if the px is in the font-size. If you can’t figure out what I’ve done feel free to ask and I’ll try and explain. As well note the
“_1” on the end of the fzpz file name to indicate a different version of the part.

Logic Level Converter_1.fzpz (11.3 KB)