4 out of 5 nets routed

Newbie question, I have re-produced a diagram, copied from Pi Motion Sensor in Fritzing. Looks identical to me. I notice a message on the breadboard tab saying “3 out of 4 nets routed - one connection still to be routed”. When I click on the message I get the following message “There are no unrouted connections in this view”.

How do I find the unrouted connection mentioned in the first message? Is there an unrouted message?

PS happy to share the file but unsure how to do so.


You look for red pins where wires are connected, and wires with red bendpoints in SCH.

Unless it’s this bug

To share the file (which may be the best way to get an answer) click the upload button (7th from the left, a block with an up arrow) in the tool bar of the forum reply (where I’m typing this message :slight_smile: ). That will let you upload the fzz file for us to look at.


Pi Motion Sensor.fzz (13.4 KB)

Old_Grey - thanks I’ve looked but not found!

vanepp, thank you - file uploaded!

Any further assistance to track down the problem would be appreciated.

Looks like it’s a bug in the status bar reporting.

If you go to Routing/Show unrouted, it shows 0
Didn’t know this, but you can also click on the status bar and it highlights unrouted, which was 0.

It might be something to do with the Pi and it’s many GNDs.

Old_Grey is correct, you have hit a Fritzing bug. The usual cause is making changes in more than one view, as sometimes when you do that the database gets corrupted (which appears to be where your sketch is). When that happens the usual only solution is to start again as we don’t know any way to recover the database. On the sketch below I started in breadboard (mostly because I couldn’t easily identify the PI pins in use other than by position as schematic in your sketch is corrupted, I normally start in schematic). Once I had all the connections done in breadboard, I then changed to schematic and followed the rats nest lines to make the connections there. As well the PI part looks to have problems, the fonts get corrupted when you rotate it, but that shouldn’t affect this. Below is a working copy of your sketch. In your original sketch in schematic view you will see that the rats nest lines connect several gpio pins together when only the two that drive the buzzer and the Pir sensor should have connections. Speaking of the PIR sensor, the resistor in series seems odd to me, I’d expect it to be a pull up or pull down to power or ground rather than in series (as I think the PIR output is a switch function not analog but I’m not all that familiar with PIR either).

Pi Motion Sensor_fixed.fzz (12.9 KB)



Thank you for your insight and assistance, much appreciated.

Peter, I’ll have a go at replicating your sketch.