3PDT switch / toggle part?


does anybody have it?

3PDT switch / toggle 9 poles


I have a 3P3T rotary that I can modify and send you.


i did actually built one myself and posted on an old thread.
would be nice if you can download and tell me if is correct. as this was my very first attempt




can you please share the rotary switch? i noticed the default i have has only one poleā€¦

Mini DPDT Part Needed

Here are the 2 switches I have made.
a 3 Pole 3 Position Rotary Switch:
Rotary_Switch_3P3T.fzpz (8.5 KB)

And a 3 pole double throw toggle switch:
NKK M2032SS1W01 3PDT Toggle Switch.fzpz (70.4 KB)

Hope these help you



Thanks for the 3PDT switch part, Mike. It has helped me enormously.