3N204 Dual Gate N Channel FET

A 3N204 Dual Gate N Channel FET. Submitted for comments.
Substitute for a 40673 used in RF projects from the 70’s & 80’s

N Channel Dual Gate FET.fzpz (7.9 KB)


A few problems, mostly pins not on 0.1in boundaries.


the pins should be aligned on .1in boundaries like this

similar in schematic

should look like

with the pin being the 0.1in line and the terminalId a rectangle on the end of the pin. In pcb I increased the pad size to make the hole 0.031in up from 0.021in (the exact size of the pin) to give some clearance in the hole. I think (the data sheet is unclear) the holes should be 0.1in apart, but I left them at the size you set on the assumption you have a part to check the footprint against when I do not. The changes are made in this part:

N Channel Dual Gate FET-fixed.fzpz (7.0 KB)

As well I renumbered the pins in standard order as they were mixed in the fzp file which works but is undesirable as it makes changes more difficult.


Thanks for your efforts once again Peter. It’s a lot better once I got FrintzingCheckPart.py going on the iMac and issues with the plain svg export in Inkscape sorted.