35 New & Edited Parts | #2


Here more 35 parts & some Improved parts from my previous submit…

Improved Parts of My Previous Parts:

03. Battery Holder .fzpz (8.2 KB)
04. 78Lxx (TO-92) .fzpz (7.7 KB)
05. TL431 .fzpz (6.3 KB)
06. TL431 2a .fzpz (6.3 KB)
07. TL431 2b .fzpz (6.3 KB)
09. Trimpot - 5mm .fzpz (9.3 KB)
10. Button - 5mm .fzpz (6.8 KB)
21. Relay .fzpz (11.8 KB)
22. NPN-BCE (TO-92) .fzpz (5.4 KB)
23. PNP-BCE (TO-92) .fzpz (5.4 KB)

New/Edited 35 Parts:

36. TTP223 Touch.fzpz (27.8 KB)
37. OLED 128x32 I2C.fzpz (71.8 KB)
38. Vibration Motor.fzpz (5.3 KB)
39. RFID-RC522.fzpz (28.6 KB)
40. RFID-RC522 Back.fzpz (13.6 KB)
41. ICL7107 - New Schem.fzpz (11.9 KB)
42. 7 Segment Display CC.fzpz (6.7 KB)
43. 7 Segment Display CA.fzpz (6.8 KB)
44. USB-A Male Silk.fzpz (8.1 KB)
45. USB-A Male Terminal.fzpz (8.6 KB)

46. USB-A Male SMD.fzpz (9.8 KB)
47. DC Socket Terminal.fzpz (5.2 KB)
48. Mini DC Socket.fzpz (11.4 KB)
49. AN6651 - Lay.fzpz (6.8 KB)
50. AN6651 - Stand.fzpz (6.7 KB)
51. Inductor - 300mil.fzpz (5.7 KB)
52. Trimpot 3296.fzpz (26.7 KB)
53. Trimpot 3296 Lay.fzpz (26.9 KB)
54. RV097NS Mono.fzpz (6.8 KB)
55. RV097NS Stereo.fzpz (7.4 KB)

56. Slide Potentiometer.fzpz (6.9 KB)
57. PCB Potentiometer.fzpz (7.4 KB)
58. Single Op-Amp (3140,714).fzpz (10.8 KB)
59. 5050 SMD LED W.fzpz (9.6 KB)
60. Momentary Switch.fzpz (6.0 KB)
61. Power Inductor 5.0 (2.0).fzpz (7.2 KB)
62. Power Inductor 7.0 (3.1).fzpz (6.6 KB)
63. Power Inductor 10.5 (6.4).fzpz (6.6 KB)
64. Power Inductor 0406.fzpz (7.1 KB)
65. Power Inductor 0507.fzpz (7.0 KB)

66. Power Inductor 0608.fzpz (7.0 KB)
67. Power Inductor 0810.fzpz (7.0 KB)
68. Power Inductor 0912.fzpz (7.0 KB)
69. Power Inductor 1012.fzpz (7.0 KB)
70. Power Inductor 1415.fzpz (7.0 KB)

Batch File:
my_parts (01-35).fzbz (247.7 KB)
my_parts (36-70).fzbz (370.9 KB)

** Thanks to, @vanepp for helping me out with Bendable legs…
Also, thanks to @opera_night, @Old_Grey & other part creators, for helping to learn about other editing staff for fritzing…


While I haven’t yet looked them over / run them through the check script, good job! More parts are always desirable and there aren’t many of us making new parts any more.



I hope there is no error… Because, instead using the “part editor”, I recently creating parts, using xml editor, & editing part file manually, It’s way too easy & easy to detect the errors…

Also, found the solution of “AI SMD pad” error, I’ll post it on that thread…

There is a new issue I just found while importing my “batch” file…
I think, it’s maybe becasuse I renamed the batch file…!!!
My parts list jumbled up… Couldn’t find the issue!
Three “my parts” bin created and “intel” & “wemos” bin duplicated many times…
Clearing the fritzing folder from c: drive doesn’t help…
Maybe, the original folder (in another drive) get effected…!!!
I’ve to re-download the whole software and update that…!!!

Is it only me…!!!


One way to find out is to use my parts check script (there is an improved version in the works that eventually will be part of the parts submission process) from github:

It will find and complain about (or error on) many non obvious errors, and correct those it can easily.

I’ll download it and try it and see what happens.

edit: Looks like something wrong with your bin file. For me they all load in to the mine parts bin (they should be in a new bin), although they look to have loaded correctly unlike for you. While I don’t know much about the bin format, I’ll have a look and see if I can figure out what is wrong.



Looking at the fzbz file, I see you weren’t trying to make a new bin, and thus I think the above is correct, for me it correctly loads the parts in to the mine parts bin. That it doesn’t do so for you probably points at database corruption in you installation. Note that doing the following will wipe out your current mine parts bin so make sure to back things up before trying it!

There are two user directories (with your parts and the parts database) which don’t get touched during an install (to not affect your sketchs during upgrades). On Windows they are in

c:\users\username\AppData\Fritzing\roaming\Fritzing (which is a hidden directory so you need to enable hidden directories in explorer) and

c:\Users\username\My Documents\Fritzing (where username is your windows id)

If you don’t have any parts or sketches you want to keep you can just delete those two directories and Fritzing will receate them, or you can move them aside by renaming them if you wan to keep something in them.





If that doesn’t clear it, you could also try switching to a view (bb schematic or pcb but not welcome) and Part->Regenerate Part Database which will rebuild the internal sql database if that is what is corrupted.



I just checked it… But, I’m bad with those DOS commands…!!
Getting this error…

$ FritzingCheckPart.py K:/06. Software/01. Arduino Pi/fritzing.0.9.3b.64.pc/fritzing-parts/core tst
/usr/bin/env: ‘python3’: No such file or directory


You need python3 either native (which I haven’t tried, but there are native Windows versions available), you would also need to load the lxml package which won’t be installed by default or as I do, by running cygwin (whch gives you a linux emulation on Windows) with the python3 package and python3 lxml loaded (neither load by default). I guess as part of the new revision I should figure out and document how to install on all OSes but I haven’t done so yet.



I didn’t rename “my parts”… That’s why It’s not creating new bin… Also can’t load 2nd batch file with 1st one…

Found the bin registry file here…

That’s why new downloaded fritzing also having the duplicate bins… I had to delete duplicate bin from here…

I renamed in the .fzb file, now it’s working good…