300 mil resistor - Does Anyone Have Please

I’m after a 300 mil resistor which will show correctly in both Breadboard & PCB views as well as Schematic

Help appreciated.

Not sure if someone made one, you will have to search for it, but you could stand up the 0.300" one in BB, or angle it, and use the bendable legs.

Thanks for quick response Old_Grey. What I’m wanting to do at this time is document stripboard designs using Fritzing so I want the breadboard view to accurately represent what I wire and frequently I just bend the legs of resistors and the ends are 300 mil apart & not the default 400 mil.
Incidentally I have found a ‘resistor mounted vertically’ fzpz file which has the legs 100 mil apart but that is not as good as a ‘laid flat’ resistor where in BB view you can see the value bands.
Further comments welcome.

That’s unfortunate.

There doesn’t seam an easy way to make one. I scaled down the BB svg to 0.300", but as soon as I change the value in Inspector it goes back to the large one. There must be individual svgs for all the different values because of the colour bands.

Maybe Peter can work it out.

There only seems to be resistor_220.svg and resistor_5bands.svg in the core/breadboard directory so I suspect Fritzing is using that as the base and modifying the colors in to a custom svg (which looks to be the case: when I drag a resistor in to breadboard, change it to 10 ohms then parts edit and save it to the mine parts bin and open the mine svg in Inkscape, the new color bands are in the svg). This indicates to me that we would likely need a code change to get this to work unfortunatly (unless of course @steelgoose has a magic fix, which he may :slight_smile: ). Something that could convince it to do the change to an svg with .3 spacing should work if the color band change is generic enough, I’m just not sure how to convince core to use that alternate svg (or if that is possible without code changes).

(edit:) For the brave of heart this may be feasable. I just reduced the breadboard resistor_220.svg in core from .4 to .3 (doing in all resistors not just selected ones to .3) and the color bands still modify correctly, so it looks like it is looking for the color bands in the xml without caring about the spacing (good planning :slight_smile: ). I’ll poke for a bit at making a new varient (I see that pcb is already done, there is a 300 mil varient it just doesn’t affect breadboard) and fixing up the bendable leads (which broke when I reduced, probably because I didn’t reduce the viewbox.) You will have to make changes to the core svg directory which github will overwrite at each new parts update but it may in fact work.


Here is a mini resistor I made awhile back… will it do?
Resistor Mini.fzpz (5.1 KB)

Yep that appears to do (on .2mil spacing) exactly what I was fumbling around trying to do (with my usual notable lack of success with bendable legs :slight_smile: ). Its all in knowing who to ask!
(Edit: For OP, this gives .2 spacing on PCB, but setting the pin spacing to.3 in inspector changes pcb from .2 to .3 just not bb (but the bendable legs make it trivial to space it at .3 in bb by stretching the legs .1


SteelGoose … you win the prize… your ‘Resistor Mini’ looks perfect, thanks so much.
Thanks to all responders to my post.