3-Phase Motor Part

I am trying to model the electronics for a carbon capture project that has a large 3-phase motor (see image) but have been having a tough time finding out if fritzing is the right tool for this use case.

Are there any drop-in replacements I could use to simulate this circuit, or, better, a spice model for a 3-phase AC motor?

Thanks in advance!

I’m not aware of a three phase motor part (although there may be one, although a google search for “fritzing part three phase motor” doesn’t turn up anything useful.) in Fritzing. As well it would need the spice definition, which in turn would need the spice model for the motor in use, to be added to the part. So while Fritzing can be used for this purpose it won’t be all that easy. If all you need is the spice simulation it may be easier in something like lTspice or another spice package. If you need breadboard view and schematic view as well as the simulation then Fritzing may be appropriate but a lot of work, as most parts of the diagram will need custom parts (possibly all with appropriate spice models for simulation to work.) At present Fritzing can only do DC spice simulation, so for AC you would need to export the spice model (once they work) and simulate using an external spice package.