3.96mm (0.156") PCB connector?

Hi all

I thought this would present in the Fritzing library, but no luck :slight_smile: I need 4 pin (or 3 or 5) Molex connector for PCB. The connectors look like this:

Any advice?


Its there, its just not obvious. In core parts in “connection” (first icon) drag a 2 pin header in to any view. Click on the connector in any view then in Inspector (right window) click on form and change female to molex. Then change pin spacing (above it) from .1 to .156. You can’t change the values in inspector when the part is in a part bin, only when it is in a sketch. Change the pins (number of connectors) field to generate one of the appropriate length.


Wow, thanks!! It works :grinning:

What do you think the hole size should be for the connectors?

Your best bet there is read the data sheet for the connector and select something either the same size or one size bigger than the diameter of the pin in the data sheet.