3.5mm TRRS (SMD)

Good day to you all,

I am looking for 3.5mm TRRS (SMD), as illustrated and documented here:
Sparkfun - 3.5mm TRRS (SMD)
Document data sheet (through sparkfun)

I thought this would be a prity standard part, but I cannot find it anywhere for Fritzing.
Can anyone prove I am a bad searcher, by pointing me towards the part?
Or can someone make it?

I think Peter had done one of those already on the forum.

That’s what I thought, but I cannot find it.
Any clue where I can find it.
I have tried all kinds of search queries in the forum search and google… of and github

Now that I think about it it might have been 6mm. All I remember was some guy was doing maybe an audio project with a lot of jacks on a PCB.

There is one in core but the footprint is wrong. I’ll post a corrected footprint in a bit …

OK this should do it. As always you need to verify the footprint by printing it out and checking with a real part (because I don’t have one)

Audio Jack (TRRS) 3.5mm_ PRT-12639.fzpz (6.6 KB)


Thank you so much! (sorry for the late reply)