3.5mm Stereo Jack PJ-324M - PCB mount - 5 pin

Fritzing can’t do slots, at least it doesn’t show in the Gerber drill.txt file, so the pin holes are 2-off x 1mm holes with a 0.1mm spacer to prevent drill breakages when put into production.
If put into production the bridge section will have to be manually cut out.



3.5mm Stereo Jack PJ-324M - PCB mount - 5 pin
v1.0 - 3.5mm stereo jack.fzpz (9.7 KB)

Nice. What is max amperage, max voltage this jack could handle?

It’s only an audio jack so I don’t think it could handle much, maybe 1A.

Chinese datasheets don’t have much info, maybe you can find something on that Google link.

Nice job… I need it!