3.5mm mono panel jack wanted

I’m looking for a 3.5mm mono jack, the part I use (mostly due to price and availability) is

I would be very grateful if anyone could make this part for me as I use it alot for Modular synthesizers, and qould like to make a few boards with this on it rather than wiring between the parts and a board.
Thank you

This should do what you want. Note the tabs in pcb are 2.54mm holes, as Fritzing won’t do slots in parts. As well the connections may be incorrect since the pdf data sheet has two layouts and no indication of which physical pins they relate to. I used the pin layout of the original part (which I made for someone a couple of years ago) so hopefully they are the same.

RND-205-00899.fzpz (4.5 KB)


Looks perfect, thank you.
Yes I know fritzing doesn’t do slots so this is just what I hoped for.
About the pins they probably are the same, seems odd to do it another way, but it doesn’t matter since I know what pin does what and can just wire them as I need on the pcb.
Great job and thank you again.
/ Magnus