2mm header PCB footprint?

What do folks use to get an appropriate 2mm header pcb footprint? I I used the one generated by setting a standard header to 2mm pitch with inspector, but when I looked at the gerber the pads are way too large (almost no clearance between them). I found 2mm headers in the grove parts in core, but they use a path as the pad and that (as expected) doesn’t export to the gerber. I’m going to manually adjust the header pads down to the 60 thou used in the grove parts and recalculate the hole size at .035, but is there a better footprint somewhere that I have missed? I can see there are several bug reports needed here :slight_smile:


I assume you are talking about a through hole header with 2mm spacing? I checked and if I select generic header, set it to 2 pins, 2mm pin spacing and then set the hole diameter to 1.0mm and the ring width to 0.3 I get an acceptable space between pads for a production house. You could lower the size of the hole to 0.9 and increase the ring width to 0.35mm if you want a little more to solder to.

Thanks, yes I’m looking for a 2mm through hole header and I didn’t think of doing that. It will be much easier than trying to hand edit the pads in the svg. A.035 hole (standard IC size) is .89mm and the connector folks specify a .8mm hole so I’ll shoot for that.


I tend to use the generic headers for stand-ins for a lot of stuff and find that with those three settings (and multiple headers) you can make almost any foot print needed. You will end up with a crap schematic and breadboard but with a PCB that does exactly what you want.

Another useful trick I have learned :slight_smile: . That worked perfectly, the exported footprint has .035 holes and a reasonable pad spacing unlike the default settings. Thanks again.


Never noticed you could change pad in Insp - learn something new -, i would have just snapped the sized via on the header and removed the header.

I just drilled some 0.8mm holes for a header and I had to hammer the header in to fit, so that’s a bit too small. I went with 1mm because I don’t have 0.9mm.